How To: Connect your iPhone/WiFi Device to the UofR Network

If you are like myself and purchased an iPhone and tried to use it on the University of Regina network, you are probably annoyed by having to log into uofrguest to access your email or your favorite application. I will show you how to setup your phone to connect to the network uofr.

Step 1: Find your iPhone MAC address.
You can do this by going into Settings > General > About and it is listed under WI-Fi address.
Unfortunately this is the only device that I have access to try and get wifi, however if you need more assistance visit

Step 2: Setup your MAC address on the uofr server.
Go to the url : and enter your novell login with the password. Then check the box to “Enable this card address:”. Then enter the 12 digit address separated by dashes. Read the disclaimer and click I Understand.

Step 3: Not connecting to UofR Guest
Since the uofrguest is a open service, the iphone automatically connects to it. Solve this problem by going to Settings > Wifi, and choosing the uofr network.

If all worked correctly you should be able to access the network by entering the key provided on the page after you had clicked “I understand”