The Perfect Ventrilo Keybind

So if you are like me and use Ventrilo / Teamspeak to talk with your friends, you have probably been forced to chose a key to map “Push to Talk” to. Some may choose a mouse button, others a key.

In the beginning I had bound my Mouse4 button to talk, but this proved to be problematic because in a web browser it was the “back” hotkey. Meaning whenever I was browsing the internet and wanted to talk I would lose the page I was looking at. … 


A Nice Cup of Tea

George Orwell provides a fantastic tea recipe that demonstrates several reason as to why tea is not enjoyed in North America. The idea is that we’re brewing it wrong.

I cringe every time I see someone be satisfied with grocery store bought tea bags or plunge a dozen teaspoons of sugar or honey in their cup.

Although most of the tea I drink comes from China or Japan and thus requires a different method than the detailed instructions for Indian tea, the same principles can be applied. …