They only reason I ended up in Manchester was because Air Transat offered a flight there $20 cheaper than to London-Gatwick. Now after having been there, I would have paid the extra $20.




Before my great adventure, there were a few pre-departure details I had to sort out. How I was getting there, how I was getting around once I got there and how I was going to deal with unfortunate situations. Luckily, I had lots of time to think, look and make a decision.

By analyzing airline prices over the course of 8 months I was able to get the best deal possible on an overseas flight, here’s how I did it.



Packing List

Backpacking Supplies

Coming up with a packing list for this 3-4 month trip was rather difficult. I thought about all of the items of clothing and personal items that I used in my daily life and determined whether or not I would need or want them on my trip.



Breadventure: One Game a Month

I have a habit of starting a lot of projects and never finishing them. It’s a behavior I have always had regardless of the activity. That is changing. I have learned the best way to solve problems of any sort is to break them up in to tiny little ones and solve them through iteration.



Save money on Textbooks

I’m currently in my last semester of my undergraduate engineering degree and I am baffled by the amount of students who fall for the oldest scam in the book: Purchasing their textbooks from the University Bookstore. Perhaps those individuals are simply shopping there for the convenience, or maybe it’s all going to mom and pops credit card – I don’t know, but here’s a guide to saving a significant amount of money on textbooks.